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Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal


#1 in Victoria BC for over 35 years! We specialize in moss removal that will help preserve the life of your roof while improving the look of your home. The only treatment of its kind, we have been providing service to lower Vancouver Island since 1980. Our work is effective and guaranteed in writing.

Roof Maintenance by True Professionals

We have cleaned moss, lichen and mildew from roofs in Victoria, B.C. for decades. We know what we’re doing and have a reputation for excellent service. Our mission is to provide quality roof care that preserves the life of your roof and improves the look of your home.

Our Services


Manual Removal

by removing moss that has accumulated and is trapping moisture in the seams of the shingles. A blower is used to remove loose debris from the roof and gutters, and then to tidy up the grounds before they leave your site.



involves applying Thomson’s unique non-toxic solution, which neutralizes any moss, lichen, mould or mildew present. We use a gentle, saturating method of application; we do not use pressure washing, which can damage your roof.



guarantees that your roof will remain moss free for a specified number of months or we will return to make sure that you are satisfied, at no cost to yourself. We assess each roof individually and will provide you with the most accurate warranty we can.

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