About Us

Roof Cleaning on Southern Vancouver Island Since 1980

Thomson Roof Treatment has been the name for moss removal on roofs in Victoria for over 35 years. Our effective, pet- and garden-friendly, moss and mildew removal spray has created a loyal following in the city.

In 2002, we realized that our work is our best form of advertising, and we began to incorporate the service of manual moss removal and gutter clearing into the job.

High demand for repeat roof cleaning gave us the idea to create the "Roof Maintenance Package," so that at the end of every client’s warranty, they would be able to have their roof treatment reapplied at an even lower cost than their initial treatment.

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Meet our team

Kathryn Tate

Business Manager
Kathryn has been the office manager and online marketing specialist a TRT since June of 2015. She spends time connecting with every customer, making sure their questions are answered. Kathryn manages the client database, so that quotes, orders and invoices are prompt and correct. Look out for her friendly enthusiasm when you need a re-treatment for your roof or get in touch with Thomson Roof Treatment.